Submission only Tournament with EBI RULES. The rounds are 5 minutes with 4 minute overtime for super fights. Championship fights will have 5 minute rounds with 4 minute ove rtime then a 3 minute overtime 4 minute overtime then a 3 minute overtime.

If there is no submission in the regulation time we go to overtime. In the overtime period each fighter will be given the chance to choose the back position or spider web.

Back Position : When a fighter takes the other fighters back attempting a RNC(Rear Naked Choke)

Spider Web: Armbar position where the fighter is attempting to armbar the other fighter.

At this point the fighter in dominant position or attempting the submission will have 4 mins to submit his/her opponent. If he/she does then the other fighter get to choose either position and attempt to submit the other fighter.

In the event neither fighter submits each other if there is another round we go to the next round. If in that round

There is no submission, we accumulate the total times of who escaped first. The fastest time wins. If you submit your opponent you win.

There will always be a fighters meeting to explain the rules before the event.